Deciding what to wear is a big part of your preparation. Getting it right will have you feeling positive and make your confidence shine! Think about the persona and tone you’d like to project. Depending on the culture of your company, you may want to convey an air of formality, knowledge, and trust. Or, maybe the look you want is creative, friendly, hip! Either way, decide the tone you’re going for before the day of the shoot to nail down the feeling you’d like to convey for your company.


+ Strong patterns should be avoided as they can distract. You want the viewer of the headshot to see your facial expression, not the expression of your clothing, so wear something that only adds to the tone you’re trying to convey.

+ MID-TONE PLAIN COLORS are universally flattering and help the image stand out on a page. They convert well to black and white as well. Consider a blazer, collared shirt or sweater.

+ V- necks or U-necks are flattering because they visually elongate the upper body. These necklines will help your neck appear longer, and generally, vertical lines will make you feel taller. It I is best to avoid sleeveless tops and dresses for headshots, as the camera tends to highlight skin more strongly than fabric. You want the focus on your facial features, not on your arms.

+ Make sure your clothes are ironed/steamed and/or without wrinkles. If you have a lint roller, use it the night before. This is a BIG ONE!

+ Keep accessories very simple and it you want to wear something bold make sure it ties in well with your brand.

+ Watch person? Great! Feel free to include a formal watch and let the smart watch sit this one out.

SELF CARE Checklist

Get some rest in the days leading up to your shoot as hydration is key. 

Freshen up your nails and moisturize your hands as they will be in the frame for some poses.

Schedule your hair appointment a couple days before your session. Note that the camera will pick up on small details. Getting a simple trim and a touch up on your roots just before your shoot can significantly improve the results. The "new haircut" confidence boost will help too! Also consider getting hair and makeup professionally done for a slight enhancement. You want to look like yourself so let your artist know what type of session you are booking.

Below are Artists I recommend. 

Marissa Artistry Rosanne Duncan Alyssa Artistry


I pride myself in making clients feel comfortable and I aim to make this a seamless experience. So let's have fun! And in following these tips, there is nothing to worry about.

You got this!